I have been trying to potty train my now two and a half year old for months! He just seems to not be interested. You would think that after growing up in a home day care where I watched dozens of kids get potty trained, not to mention already having done this twice before with my own kids, that I would be a pro. However, my youngest is really testing this issue. Every child is different. My other two children seemed to just be ready at 18 months, but my 3rd little one was just not ready (and maybe neither was I). Maybe it is that he just isn’t ready, or that his desire to remain a baby is preventing him from grasping this concept. Maybe I didn’t try as hard, because I don’t want my baby to grow up. 
What’s a mom to do? I am preparing to purchase a potty that is closer to the floor instead of him using the toilet. I am prepared to sit him in from of the television with countless books and snacks, if this will help (don’t judge me)! I just want to be delivered from the countless numbers of dirty diapers!  I also want him to reach this milestone, getting a step closer to being more independent. We all know that parenting takes patience, and this is where you really have to put that into practice. So, we press on! Awaiting the day when he will finally sit longer than 2 seconds, when we can stop buying diapers forever, and when we can finally press that toilet handle and make it all go away! In the meantime, I will be consistent, I will stay determined, and I will get my last (and final) baby toilet trained! 
What has worked best for you? What age did you finally have your kids trained?