Happy Sunday!

It has been a great week! How was your week? I had one of those weeks where we just relaxed, and had fun with homeschooing. I can’t say that every week is like that, but we just had a lot fun while learning. My toddler decided that this week he did not want to wear a shirt, my daughter thought it would be fun to dress as Bat Girl (last year’s Halloween Costume), and my oldest son celebrated a birthday on Tuesday which meant lunch out at his favorite restaurant! Guess what? I still managed to get everything on the lesson planned completed, too! This week reminded me why we are on this journey. Sure, getting work done is very important, but enjoying each other as we do it is also very important. Some days, my perfectionist ways, driven by some of my obsessive tendencies prevents me from enjoying every aspect of this journey. I am learning to stop and smell the roses. We wont be on the homeschooling journey for long, and I intend to enjoy homeschooling for as long as I can. This week was full of fun and laughter. Isn’t that what life is really about? It should be anyway.