I am that mom that takes pictures of every milestone and every memory! Well, today my 2 year old, Christian had his first dentist appointment. I must admit that I have been praying for a successful visit ever since the appointment was made, and my prayers seem to have been answered. This is the little guy that will not let a doctor come near him. I mean he would hold his jaws as tight as he could to keep them from even looking at his throat. So, when I say that I was a little nervous about how today would go, that would be an understatement. However, he sat in the chair and acted like a pro! I was a proud (and relieved) mommy. Aside from this being his first experience, this was a new dentist for all of my kids. We have found a new dentist and pediatrician since moving. So, today was a good day full of new experiences. 
My oldest son did have a couple of cavities and had an extended appointment to get fillings, but even that came with chocolate chip cookie dough scented laughing gas. So, all in all, it was a good visit. Life has taught me to stop and enjoy the moments, no matter how small. I will never get to experience these first moments again, and I feel blessed to be able to witness them. Moments like today remind me of just how fast time flies. One day, today will be just a memory. He probably will not be able to remember today, but I have a picture in my heart and on my SD card to share for many years to come! 

Started off great with X-Box in the waiting room!
He was such a big boy! All smiles!