A very popular question for most homeschooling moms is “How do you get it all done?”. I don’t believe that you can get it all done, but you can achieve your daily goals. So, what does my day look like? Here goes:

My Daily Schedule

5:30 am- Wake/ Workout (I started doing some weights and cardio in the mornings)
6:00 am- Shower/Unload dishwasher
6:15 am- Personal Prayer and Devotion
6:30 am- Make Bed/ Tidy up master bedroom
7:00 am- Prepare Breakfast/ Husband leaves for work
7:15 am- Wake Kids/ Make sure everyone is brushing teeth and getting dressed/Kids clean room/Get toddler dressed (Beds must be made! I hate unmade beds…lol)
7:30 am- Breakfast
8:00 am- Clean Kitchen/ Prepare for School/Put laundry in washer (Laundry is done everyday)
8:30 am-  Kid’s Bible Study and Devotion/ School Begins
10:30 am- Snack/ Break/ Dry Laundry

12:00 pm- Lunch

12:30 pm- Clean Kitchen
1:00 pm- Finish up lessons for the day
2:00 pm- School Ends/ Clean school area
2:30 pm- Kid’s free time/Finish Laundry,Gather for folding
2:30 pm- Fold Laundry
3:00 pm- Blog/Computer/ Read over tomorrow’s lessons/Grade Papers
4:00 pm- Dinner Prep (Some days this means order pizza 🙂 
5:00 pm- Dinner
5:30 pm- Clean Kitchen/ Load Dishwasher

5:45 pm- Evening tidy scramble and Kid’s chores: wipe down cabinets, stove, and refrigerator Swiffer/sweep floors, vacuum carpet, wipe down bathroom sinks/toilets, clean door knobs/wipe down mirrors/ Empty all bathroom trash cans/ Take out trash when needed. I alternate with cleaning glass on back door, mopping, dusting, and cleaning window sills when needed

* Husband is home from work
6:30 pm- Relax/Catch breath
7:00 pm- Catch up with mommy blogs, You Tube, or HGTV
7:30 pm- Kid’s Bath Time
8:00 pm- My Bath Time/ Clean Tubs
8:30 pm- Prayers and Stories/ Kid’s Bedtime
8:30 pm- Mom and Dad Free Time
10:30 pm- Bedtime

*I do a deep house clean about once a week, but doing a little everyday helps keep things nice and tidy. 

We have happy, healthy kids, and we all made it through another homeschool day! Goals Acheived!