If you have a toddler, then you know that it is a challenge to keep them entertained at times, especially when you are busy. One of my favorite sensory activities to give my 28 month old is a simple water play activity. 
What you need:

1 Large bowl (mixing bowl works great)
– Small bowls, different sizes and colors (as many as you like)
– Shapes, blocks, or any water/toddler safe object or toy
– Water
– Towels
– Instrument for scooping (measuring cups or small drinking cups work great)
– Large table or work station

Fill your largest bowl with water. Spread out all of the smaller bowls where it’s easy for the toddler to reach. Next, put all of the toys or shapes in reach. Give your toddler the scoop (you may need to demonstrate the activity). Scoop water from the larger bowl, and pour into different bowls. You may need to dump water back into the larger bowl, so that they can play over and over, and to avoid large amounts of water from spilling. Allow them to drop their water safe objects in the bowls. Enjoy!
 If you want to add some extra fun, you can add food coloring to the water. You may also have them observe which objects sink or float for additional learning fun!  
**Don’t forget to supervise at all times, and to make sure that any objects that they use are safe for toddlers.

Have fun!