For most parents, there is no subject that is more intimidating to teach than writing. Recently, I have found it challenging to get my 8 year old son to love writing. For someone who has always loved writing, it is difficult to understand how he couldn’t love it! However, it is my job to help him find ways that will make writing fun and interesting!  I have tried just about everything, but what 8 year old boy is really going to love organizational structures, rough drafts, editing, and re-writing the paper all over again? Not many! So, in an effort to find something that works, I discovered that I am doing it all wrong. I have been so focused on getting him to learn the process, to write perfectly, well-structured, well-developed, error-free, essays that I forgot to help build a love for writing itself. I spent my afternoon listening and learning from an awesome panel of ladies on yesterday. 

I hope that this video helps you as much as it has helped me! Remember that homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint. It is okay to allow them to write about their favorite video game, restaurant, or animal. It is not the topic that counts, but learning the writing process. Somehow along the way, they may even begin to enjoy writing.

 Link to video: