Thank you to all of my subscribers and viewers! I truly love to pass on my passion to others, so I am truly grateful for all of the people who take the time to read and watch my posts. Homeschooling can be lonely and overwhelming, but having information and support makes it so much easier.

After leaving K12, I had to decide what curriculum we would use, and to make sure that it fit into our budget. So, after doing a complete curriculum haul, I was ready for our first year as traditional homeschoolers! If you have a desire to homeschool, but don’t think that you can afford to do so, this video is for you! Warning! I am working on my “Ummm” habit, and my hair during this video is not a reflection of my homeschooling abilities…lol! There are two parts to this Vlog. Don’t forget to look into the You Tube description box for links to websites. Don’t be shy…comment and say hi!

“Homeschooling is my calling and super power, but I could do nothing without God’s power and daily guidance! It is God’s wisdom and Grace that makes us super at whatever we have been called to do”. 🙂

-Tracy Kelly