As I consider removing my son from his virtual school program to do it all on my own, anxiety begins to set in. I have become comfortable with my given curriculum, safe in knowing that he can go to college without all of the extra testing, and surrounded with the support that I have with the virtual school, but it comes without true flexibility. With such a vigorous curriculum, it is impossible to do any extra exploration, or add much to the day. I feel that so much more “homeschooling” could be done if I did it all on my own. Hence, my Google search for today…”Homeschooling through college”. I was looking for a guide of just how to do this and be certain that my kids will get into the school of their choice (I am hoping Ivy League :-0). In the list of results, I came across this book on, “College-Prep Homeschooling”. This may be the resource I am looking for!

Well, since I have not purchased nor read the book as of yet, I don’t have a review but I thought I would share it. It looks like it could be helpful to anyone considering homeschooling through the high school years. If you would like to look at the book in depth, you can find it here…..

I will update as soon as I have had an opportunity to read this book. Please feel free to comment with any book reviews.