I have written so many different post and blogs about how wonderful my husband is, but sometimes I just sit and think of just how wonderful he really is. I have always been the one who had dreams of finding the right person, settling down, and having 2 children. Well, it has happened and it is much better than my dreams. I remember the countless times I would give all of myself in a relationship, just to have my heart broken and wondering why. While everyone else around me was finding the right guy and walking down the isle, it just seemed as if it would never happen for me. I had just given up….period. I had my mind made up…I am just going to concentrate on my job, spend some time getting a closer relationship with God, and stay single. Well, I didn’t know it at the time, but that was just what I was supposed to be doing. The closer my relationship with Christ got, the more I got to know myself. I saw things about me I had never noticed before…some good and some bad. It was like looking through a dirty mirror that had just been recently cleaned….I saw clearly. I had to make a lot of changes and let go of a lot of hurts and disappoints. All of this was in preparation to meet my husband (although I did not know it at the time). After we met and finally having enough courage to accept his offer to take me out, I knew that this was something special. After dating for a while, I realized how wonderful this was. I had never felt as comfortable and at peace as when we were together. After a hard day at work, just being in his presence made me feel as if I were coming home after a long and difficult journey. There was warmth and peace in my soul. Although, everything happened rather fast (that is the only regret that I have… I wish we could have just taken sometime to enjoy each other a little more), but I wouldn’t change the end result for anything in this world. That’s why I can have peace in the midst of any storm, I can still smile when everything else is going wrong around me, and how I can keep going no matter what. No matter what we face now or may face in the future…we are facing it together. Whenever life feels like a long and difficult journey again, I know that I can always come home, right there in Dwayne’s arms.