I have met so many parents who have decided to remove their kids from the Public School System and home-school their children. I have to admit, that with all of the changes that seem to be going on in the school system in Georgia, I am becoming much more open to this idea. From my research, there are Pros and Cons to homeschooling, but mostly positive results. With the increase in class sizes, removal of music and art programs, and shortages of teachers…I can see how teaching my children at home could be beneficial. However, I have been at home with them and was looking forward to a break when they start school, but if it means that they will receive a better education by learning from home…I am willing to do it. There are evaluations and standardized tests to ensure that your children remain on track (which was a concern of mine). I also read that many of the home-schooled children graduate meeting or exceeding the basic public school curriculum. Research also shows, that they do great in college and have no problems getting accepted to great schools including, Harvard. Some of the negative things I have read are that students don’t have as many opportunities to learn socialization skills, don’t have the time away from parents to mature, and may not be used to a structured learning setting (which could make adjusting to college much more difficult). However, with the rise of homeschooling, there are now many more groups and outings for the students in this program. It is quite sad that parents have to resort to this alternative to give your children the best learning opportunity possible. As a mom, I know that I cannot protect them from the world, but I do feel that there are some things that I would rather them NOT be exposed to. Unfortunately, the area that we reside in, does not offer the best Public School opportunity and we simply cannot afford private schools. I had a not-so-good experience in the public schools, myself. So, I am so pleased to find information and to have this option. I have lots of experience and education in the “Education” field. So, I don’t think teaching them will be a problem. However, my husband will probably have to be in charge of the math…I am terrible at this subject. We have a little time before I have to make a decision and hopefully I will find a school that my husband and I approve of. There is so much to weigh out and consider! I am glad that we do have this option, however. Give me some feedback….What are your views on this subject? Whether you agree or disagree, let me hear from you!