It is easy to lose sight of the task the God has given us to do. There are times that we question it, that we don’t see the value in it and times when we want to just give up! It is only human to have these feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Even when we don’t believe in ourselves, we can rest assured that our Father is cheering us on, strengthening us, equipping us, and ordering our steps along the way!

Being a parent is hard work! We want to prepare them for every stage of life that they will face! If you are a homeschooling parent, you also want to make sure that you are equipping them academically for the future. How can we do all of this successfully, and still have our sanity at the end of it all? The truth is, we can’t! Certainly, not in our own strength! We need God’s wisdom and guidance to help us with this enormous task! Now, we could attempt to take control of everything on our own, but not without wearing ourselves out in the process! I have learned to give it all to the Lord! After all, he already had this planned out, right? He already knew that you were up for the challenge, right? So, if God put all of this trust in you, can’t we simply just trust the one who knows us best?

Never doubt that you can carry out whatever lies ahead of you! Don’t think that you have to do everything on your own, either! Also, never think that all of your hard work is in vain! Being a parent can be a very thankless job, but the love we have for our kids is what keeps us going! Always remember that God sees all the hard work, time (and sometimes sleep) that you sacrifice, and he is pleased! God is blessing all of the seeds planted and the work of your hands! In due time, you will reap a blessed harvest! In him, our joy is made complete!