For those who don’t already know, our homeschooling journey began with us using K12 an online public school. After a difficult pregnancy, months on bed rest, and finally having a newborn, I decided to take a break from online school, and to try traditionally homeschooling! There were pros and cons to both, but both were a blessing to our family. After some serious prayer and research, I decided that this year, we would benefit from going back to the virtual school world. I am nervous, but very excited. You see, I have never had 2 students using the online school before! My son is a pro, but this will be my daughter’s first year. Add a 3 year old to the mix, and this is sure to be an adventure! 

We recorded us unboxing the materials live! If you have any questions regarding online school, leave me a question in the comment section below, or email me at [email protected]!
Click here to see us unbox our school materials:
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