Recently, I was looking around in the library for some resources for the upcoming week. I ran across a book that was about world religions. I found this book to be very detailed, but also very easy for kids to understand. So, I asked myself, “Should I teach about other religions?”. Of course, we identify has being Christians, but I also want my kids to be educated about the world around them. I teach about creationism (and they know that my belief is that this is the truth), but I also let them know that others believe that evolution may be the truth. I tell them of my love for God, his faithfulness, and how HE changed my life, but I also tell them that some people don’t believe in the God or teachings that we believe in. I feel in my heart that we have laid a firm foundation concerning our beliefs. I really don’t fear my kids running in another direction. My prayer is that they will find God for themselves, not just because it is what we have taught and what we believe. We have been careful to model our faith and beliefs on a daily basis. It is very important that my kids see us living the life that we teach. Part of that belief system means to love and accept others who are different than we are. This can be a difference in race, religious beliefs, or even sexual orientation. Love doesn’t mean that you have to accept anything that goes against your own morals or values, but you should accept and love the person, right where they are. It is my desire to have my kids really understand why it is that they believe in God and follow the teachings of Christ. For this reason, I believe that I must share different views on religion. 
I did not choose homeschooling as a means to shelter our kids from the world. I want them to experience life, and to know how to relate to others in the world, while standing firm in their beliefs. I want them to be able to share their faith with others, while knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt, that they have found the truth. I want them to build a relationship with God, and not just be “religious”. I want them to love others despite differences and imperfections (I mean none of us are perfect anyway). I am fully aware that in 8 years, I will be sending my first child off into the world. I work hard everyday to ensure that they are all equipped to face everything that lies ahead of them. I also make sure that they are well educated, well rounded individuals, being able to relate and love people no matter what their background or beliefs may be. I think this is what the world needs. It is my prayer that other than their gifts and talents, this will be the very thing that my children contribute to this big, beautiful place! Love for God, and love for all people. 

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