I went on a “money saving mission” tonight. Normally, I shop at one store for my groceries, but tonight I decided to shop for sales and discounts. This meant going to different stores.

My normal grocery bill is around $145 for two weeks worth of food. This usually doesn’t consist of very much. I normally leave thinking, “What exactly did I get that added up to $145”?

Today, I made a trip to “Kroger” and I was amazed! The sales were amazing. The best money saver in the store was when I found hamburger and hot dog buns for $.50 a bag. The only negative thing I have to report is that “Kroger” would not let me use my internet coupons. I wasn’t that heartbroken, because I left with a cart full of food for $35. Next, I headed to my beloved “Walmart” to pick up the items that I KNEW were cheaper. I again, filled up my cart and left with $60 worth of food.

My hatch was completely stuffed and I even had to place some bags inside of the car. Well, my result from looking for deals and shopping from the sale paper was more food for less money. I had almost double the amount of food that I normally buy for $100. So, I saved around $45 dollars today.

I am tired, but it was worth it.